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We require to draw site visitors attention to various points which we note here:

J.S. Crawford Important Notice

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1. All site content, including the details of house types and sales particulars, have been prepared to give an overview of residential properties for sale upon our various development sites throughout the Scottish Borders.  They cannot be taken to be definitive and specific to any one property, and they should only be regarded as preliminary information.  They shall not therefore form or be deemed to form part of any contract.

2. Once interest becomes focused on a particular property, a potential purchaser should request further information to be discussed, adjusted and agreed before proceeding.  Subject to the stage at which Planning, Building Warrant or Construction stand we may be able to incorporate individual requirements, with consequent adjustment to any price by then quoted.

3. Any prices indicated are guide prices only and are subject to change or review and a final price will be quoted at reservation against a particular house purchased and will be duly adjusted for an extras or deductions instructed.

4. At all stages it should be understood that any photographs, artistic impressions, sketch plans, measurements and site layout plans, are shown in general terms only, are not precise and are not warranted or guaranteed in any way, and should not taken as definitive.

5. As we operate a policy of continuous product development, we reserve the right to alter the layout, design, materials and details of the houses and housing developments of which house or houses referred to form part.  Individual features, such as windows, garages and elevational treatments may vary at our discretion from time to time.

6. Site content should be treated as general guidance only and cannot be relied upon as statements or representations of fact or as accurately describing any of the Specified Matters under, or prescribed by an Order made under the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991, nor do they constitute a contract, part of a contract or warranty.

If you have any questions or wish to dicuss these points please don't hesitate to contact J.S.Crawford Tel: 01896 822030