Pip Brandon

Pip here, just catching up for 2018. First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to Michael for giving me this opportunity of sponsorship and also to everyone at J.S Crawford 3rd Generation Ltd for all their kind help and support. I am truly grateful.

2018 is looking to be a great year!! ‘The Boys’ have been going brilliantly this winter, hunting nearly weekend becoming more bold and showing great scope over every hunt jump, jumping some serious fences and hedges! A 5ft one to be exact!! They are so enjoying it and its lovely to see them enjoying themselves

Parker (Cavaliar Walk In The Park) will be turning 10 this year (double figures!) and is in his absolute prime. This will be my 4th year of owning him, the 4 best years of my life!  He has changed so much since the lanky, disobedient, fire cracker he was when I first got him into a beautifully well mannered, sweet and sensible horse who I have an unbreakable bond with.

Baby (Mr Stevenson) is now not really a baby anymore! The last few months I have noticed him grow as a character but also physically- could he get any bigger?! He is filling out into a massive, willing, sweet horse who is so eager to please and showing some serious talent!! He is a seasoned pro out hunting with only a season and a half under his belt. I cant wait to see what the future brings for him!

The end of 2017 has brought me a new venture… The beautiful art of riding side saddle!  Whilst thinking about things on a bucket list of mine, I decided that there was no time like the present and got in touch with a wonderful lady who has helped me so generously by lending me the most beautiful of side saddles. While side saddle is a very expensive thing to get into, it is just so worth it to feel so elegant and safe up there! I have had lots of support from fellow side saddler’s and they have made it happen for me by loaning me outfits and giving me tips to make it happen for me. I cant thank them enough!! With the side saddle, I have been hunting a few days, even getting the bravery from somewhere to fly a couple of hunt jumps!!! I am still learning and have a lot to learn to try to perfect it as best I can, so the squealing is justified! I am aiming to do a bit of showing summer 2018, aiming for maybe some bigger\county shows. I will try to do most my ridden hunter classes side saddle too. I would also really like to do something for charity side saddle, perhaps a ride out or a common riding day (Hawick, Melrose etc) will follow this with more info closer to the time. It is a wonderful way of riding and Parker and I are enjoying it immensely, both learning together he has been so willing.

Plans for 2018 are coming together, along side local hunter trials and competitions I am aiming to start BE eventing, I will see how the boys are going and decide which event will suit them best and go from there! Super excited for that!! Having recently bought my very own 4×4 (gift from me to me) I am now fully independent so really looking forward to what this will bring- lots of trips away. Our first cross country event I am aiming for is Duns Castle Hunter Trial March 2018- more to follow then.

I would like to thanks the team at J.S Crawford again for their continued support into 2018, here’s hoping I keep up the good work and perhaps get some new horsey faces involved!!

Thanks you and all the best for 2018!!!!

Pip Brandon